Yay!!! These are some of my birthday's gifts!!!

From my Russian black bred from Sweden, this perfect russian hat =P

New masscara \o/

LV scarf (thx bro)



Today is my birthday! 20 years old...

By the way, last sunday, I was with my Kitties!Girls just wanna have FUN!


Merry Xmas!!!!!



Yeah, wednesday is a boring day...

My galsa

'cause we have fun together! I don't have the pretention of being a gyaru, I just like them... This my principal way of inspiration.

Kitties-Squad rocks!


I'm Léa (but I prefer Huong ^^'). I'm 19 and I live in Switzerland (little country, don't like...).
I'm a big fan of Gyaru style. My mothertongue is french so sorry if I make some mistakes ^^'.

The perfect style =P